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Videotape and Discuss Lessons

At Price Lab School, we spent more than two years participating in training through the Center for Authentic Intellectual Work ( Each teacher in our school videotaped himself or herself teaching a lesson, and teachers shared these videos in small focus groups. The group watched the lesson and provided the instructor with feedback. Although it's not always easy watching yourself teaching or getting feedback from colleagues, it gave us time to have constructive conversations about the quality of instruction, teacher assignments, and student work. Ultimately, these discussions led to changes in instruction and student assessments (both formative and summative). I believe that feedback from other teachers, who know the complexities of teaching, is one of the best ways to improve instruction.

—Amy Lockhart, Teacher
Malcolm Price Laboratory School
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Sara's speech!

News National Teacher of the Year Mid year Institute Speech has been updated.

This Year's AIW mid Year was amazing. Not only did teachers collaborate with each other, but we were treated to a speech by National Teacher of the Year, Sara brown Wessling. You can access her speech by using the link below.  Unfortunatley you have to click a couple times to get it, but it's worth it!



Launch the website below & go to the pull down menu which is located below the video window frame and choose Professional Development.  You should see a picture of Sarah and the title of the session is AIW Mid Year Institute, Sarah Wessling.  Click on the thumbnail picture to start the video.

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